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History of Jachal




San José de Jachal

Tourism of Traditions: in the northern districts, Iglesias and Jachal, there are a series of small villages which are close to the old traditions. Their charms are endless. Weaving is carried out, following the ancient traditions. It is done by the local people.

In Jachal, it is the Cuesta del Huaco and the old flour mills are a real relic from the past. The MHN of Achango and the Jesuit chapel are worth visiting. On the way to Chile, by Pass of Agua Negra, the blue waters of the Cuesta del Viento and Los Cauquenes dikes are very peculiar. Fishing is an option there.

Jachal: this city was found 200 years ago after San Juan de la Frontera (present city of San Juan).

During this period, the northwest of the province was administered by the General Capitanship of Chile.. The Chilean governor: Gabriel Cano Ponte, was the witness of the creation of a corporation called Assembly of Towns. It aim was to found the present Jachal. The square was drawn out together with other 49 blocks, which were distributed among 72 families.

It was in June, 1751.. From the year 1870, cattle breeding developed quickly but later on, Jachal turned to the flour industry. It produced 24,000 kg of flour a day in the eleven mill which were spread in the whole district.

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