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How to get there






The region has an extensive net vial that combines paved itineraries and of rubble that connect the main tourist centers.
They exist, also, numerous companies of transport railcar and airports in the most important cities, in those that operate different airlines.


Information has more than enough roads


Either for rains or for the intense snowfalls winter, many routes especially those of mountain, they can be cut or to present a state that hinders the circulation.
In the entrance of most of the towns cuyanas is positions of Gendarmería where you offers information in this respect.

International steps


To leave the country ( Chile ) it is indispensable to take the DNI, the identification of identity (of the Federal Police) or the passport.

Migrations don't accept, any concept, the documentation certificates in step


The region has sure routes that unite the most important tourist centers, but it also presents itineraries in those that is necessary to increase the cautions In the mountain areas, and have more than enough rubble surfaces, the speed should not overcome the 50 kms per hour, due to the detachments. icy and the presence of animals .




The main airports of the northwest are located few kilometers of the capitals.
Bus Station

To carry out intercity connections in micro among different counties it is possible to consult with the terminal of the city .

Trolebuses and cards of transport
In Mendoza's city the old troleys or trolebuses are still used that they work by means of electric power and they cover regular journeys in the center and the neighborhoods bordering.
The cards (an or ten units) they are bought in kiosks and positions of newspapers
The services of taxis and remises are useful and economic to move quickly for the capitals of the region.
Rent of cars
They can be let cars and vans 4x4, to hire the service it is necessary to possess credit card.
  How to get there in car to San José de Jáchal  
This located at a distance of 159 Km of San José de Jáchal. Leave San Juan for provincial route 12, until the crossing with the national route 40 N will go by the cities of Chimbas and Villa Gral. San Martin. Continued for national route 40 N until the crossing with the national route 150, advance for the national route 150 until the city of San José de Jáchal.