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To the dike Ullum































Dique Distribuidor y Desarenador San Emiliano






Wind surf






Dique Distribuidor y Desarenador San Emiliano






Dique Distribuidor y Desarenador San Emiliano

Attractive to instructive Walk for the gulch of the river San Juan and the valley of Ullum , where will be able to appreciate the works that integrate the irrigation system, base of the oasis sanjuanino: I laugh, it dams and dam, hydroelectric using, leveling dike, dike distributor and watering channels. will also be able to enjoy of extraordinary seen precordilleranas, to stop in good campings or clubs, to practice nautical sports and to fish.

Circuit of 60 round trip km. Walk of minimum half-day for a road paved in good state Takes picnic. In several points of the next journey to the reservoir will find restaurants. sweet shops and campings. will find combustible in their itinerary.


Leave San Juan (km 0) for the Av. Liberator San Martin toward the west and 7 km of area urbanized until the rond pornt of the street Scanner Calívar will travel, where they are the municipality of Rivadavia and the Martial hospital Quiroga. There the irrigated oasis begins. with their vineyards, fifth, chacras and farms. framed by the serranías of Marquisate. About 2 kms later on, after crossing the railroads. a boulevard with paradises introduces the small village, one of the places proposed to transfer the capital, destroyed by the earthquake of 1944.

In the km 10 connection with the RP 14 toward the north. Travel another km until the bifurcation of roads it Continues toward the left to advance 1 km until the short deviation to the right that leads to the Camping site The Pinegrove (Park Sarmiento.)


Camping site The Pinegrove (Park Sarmiento)


It is a good camping site municipal paymaster the whole year it Charges a moderate entrance. It has a spa, a sweet shop with service of minutes and a motocross circuit, surrounded of a pleasant afforestation of pines, cypresses and eucalyptuses. In the park it is the Institute of Development Hidrobiológico 2 there is of surface, with a piscicultura for salmónidos reproduction, pércidos and pejerreyes Their facilities have a capacity of incubation of 3 million trouts and 1 million pejerreyes that are sowed in all the rivers sanjuaninos.


Return to the route and continue river up. After 1 km it will arrive to the Leveling Dike José Ignacio of it Touches


Leveling dike José Ignacio of it Touches


The terraced murallón, of 250 m of long, cheat 24 floodgates that allow to evacuate water to reason of 3.000 m3/seg and to control the flow of the river. This follows their course for the channel or drift for the main channel toward the dike distributor San Emiliano, it works final of the group that will see later on in the walk.


Next to the leveler there is a pinegrove with a small Park Faunístico that preserves autochthonous fauna of the region and exotic animals, and has a camping site area with spits. It is worth a detention to appreciate the exceptional front views of the cyclopean murallón of the prey and reservoir of Ullum that rises waters up between the hills of The Walls and the mountains of Marquisate.

Continue for the route toward the north being introduced in the gulch of Ullum, where will have the best panoramas in the river San Juan . The crystalline and blued waters, already decanted in it dams it, they reflect the hills of The Walls, modeled by the erosion.

The neighbor plants of Ceramic San Juan, with 6.500 production rhyme, uses the abundant material of these hills to manufacture bricks, of grateful quality.

Concluded the gulch will arrive to the monumental Prey and Reservoir of Ullum


Prey and Reservoir of Ullum


It is the main work hydraulics of the complex and it allows to optimize the resource hídrico provided by the river that, to be cordillerano, has a very irregular flow (between 14 and 3.000 m3/seg). For the panoramic view of the group it ascends to the hill mirador, for the one on the way to earth to the left. A parking esplanade next to it dams it it will allow him to lower and to walk for an imposing murallón of 300 m of long and 52 m of high. Observe the magnificent show of the lake, of intense blue-greenish, and the majestic precordillera of the Tontal, toward the bottom.

The first studies of the works were carried out, in 1968, for the Company Edison - Hanza, being built by Panedile Argentina in 1971 had inaugurated in November of 1981. Among the technical characteristics their earthquake-resistant design stands out, formed by a hollow murallón of armed concrete and I stuff of clay that allows him an elastic behavior, molding to the telluric movement and, at the same time, to contain the impulse of the waters, in the event of being damaged the external structure.

The fall of water from the drain, with a jump of 49 m , it has been taken advantage of to obtain hydroelectric energy in the power station Gulch of Ullum that will be able to visit later on.


The Lake


It is a tourist attractiveness of first order for nautical sports they are practiced windsurf, boat, diving, swimming and fishes, in all season, especially in summer.

Here they are the Club Bay of The Charts, the Complex Bay of The Charts and Tip Tabasco .

The Nautical Club Ullum and the Club of Candle and Remus, on the north riverside, they are accessible for deviations from the route.

The non partners should pay an entrance Both institutions they have restaurant, pier, place for camping site and beach.


Near 4 km later on is the access to the public beach of Bay The Charts and the complex Bay The Charts.


Continuing 3 more km, another road descends to the left toward the public pier to whose right the Complete one is located Nautical Sport of the National University of San Juan.


Continuing for the route will cross a badenes tract and, immediately later, a road consolidated to the left will take it to Great Costa.


Great Costa


It is in fashion a splendid spa with beach of sand and a grateful place. The entrance includes the use of tables, seats, parasols, sanitary and sport facilities (rugby, soccer, volley and boat to pedal).


Return to the route and continue for the walk 7 km , enjoying the spectacular views of the valley of Ullum , limited to the west for the Mountains of the Tontay, to the east, for the hills of The Walls and the Marquisate. Before it dams it the river had grown on this plain, fertilizing the lands and allowing agricultural populations to settle down in both riverbanks from before Columbus times. In the Hispanic time fifths were planted of fruit-bearing, vineyards and olive groves that have been developed until the present time.

In the oasis of Ullum Villa is Ibáñez, head of the department; has basic equipment.


Toward the north, for an on the way to 3 km , the Hydroelectric Power station of Ullum is


Central Hydroelectric of Ullum (it cannot visit one another)


It is located on hills whose terraces have showy grass that contrast with the nature desértica of the place. This factory to the foot of it dams it has a turbine type KAPLAN, with rotor of 3,90 m of diameter and 45.000 kw of power, it Generates an annual average of 171 kw/h miIlones, equivalent to 40% of the provincial consumption, and it contributes energy to the INS (National Interconnected System). The works began in 1981 as a combined emprendimiento of the nation and the province.


Continue for the route 22 km until the area it militates; it turns there to the left for the RP 113 and visit the Dike Distributor and Desarenador San Emiliano


Dike Distributor and Desarenador San Emiliano


It dams the waters of the river San Juan that you arrive for a main channel; decants them and it distributes them by means of floodgates for four channels: engineer Manuel Gregorio Quiroga, Governor Nazario Benavidez, Engineer Grasses and Well. These channels water different areas of the oasis of the Tulum.

Behind the dike, in an eloquent landscape piedemontano, observe the wide and stony channel of the river. The first distributor was built during the government of Benavidez, by the middle of the XIX century and. one century later, in the governor's times Ruperto Godoy, the current one was erected.

To return to the city takes the Av. Benavidez that skirts the homonymous channel. It will go by the jail of males (institution model in the years 60) and for the carbide factory. Continue until the intersection with street Mendoza , where it will turn to the right toward downtown.

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