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History of San Juan
Ciudad de San Juan
Detalle de fuente en San Juan
San Juan de noche

The capital of the province has the same. It was founded in 1562 by Juan Jufré y Montesa. In 1593, his son. Luis Jufre y Meneses moved the city away 3 km to the south, because it had been destroyed by a flood of the San Juan River.

Later, in 1944, a quake, 7.8 grades in the Mercalli Scale, almost destroyed it completely. The new city is characterized by its wide streets and squares full of trees. Its cathedral keeps the remains of Friar Justo Santa Maria de Oro, one of the participants of the Argentina History, mainly during the assembly of 1816.

Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, another of the leaders of the country, was born here. His house was rebuilt after a quake.

The monastery of Saint Domingo survived it, the cell San Martin stayed while he was in the city, remains as it was in 1815. The first plots were granted to the families Duffer, Ronquillo, Cardoso, Garcia Hernandez, Delvira and Arias., the Lemos y Payo. Saint john the Baptist was appointed patron saint.

Earthquakes in San Juan

The night of January 15th 1944, an earthquake took place; it was the worst one recorded in Argentina. It was 7.8 degrees in the Mercalli scale.

A strong wind and heavy rain started suddenly, causing almost the whole destruction of the city. Most of the house made of mud were torn down, the danger of epidemics was imminent and the economic blow completed the devastating panorama. The crops were threatened and hand labor diminished. Ten thousand lives were lost.

From then on, the buildings followed the ancient construction codes. On June 10 Th., 1952, another quake took place but the consequences were lesser. In 1977, another quake shook the earth in Caucete, it destroyed most of the town.

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