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To the National Park Sierra of the Quijadas


Trip to mountains of strong reddish and grizzly coloration, and to a captivating scenario in the Herdsman of the Watery, deep valley of vertical borders that resembles each other to the canyon of the Colorado . You will see endemic species of flora and fauna, fossil prints of dinosaurs and the rakes of the rich culture huarpe.

From San Luis they are 126 km for the RN 147, without services. Fill the tank before leaving and take picnic. There are not requirements to visit the miradors, but it is only possible to travel the mountains, to walk and to go down the Herdsman of the Watery one with guides of tourism authorized In winter, the temperature is low of tomorrow and night, and pleasant in the afternoon; in summer, avoid the visits at noon, because the thermometer climbs up to 40°C .

From Merlo, they are 247 km completely paved by the north of province of San Luis, through clear routes: for the RP 2311 will arrive to Lafinur; later, the RN take 20 toward the west (that Córdoba connects with San Juan). You will find services in Merlo and Quines. Finally, continue for the RN 147 heading for the south


Leave San Luis for Columbus , from the square Pringles (km 0). Then, Fair Daract take until the crossing of the RN146 and RN147 (to see Plane). There, turn to the left. In the km 27 will find the village and the Thermal baths of San Gerónimo, with a hostel. Later on, to the left the Giant's mountains are sighted. In the km 85 will go by The Calera, an important center miner of production of limes and cement. In the km 120 will cross the place Hualtarán, where it is the entrance to the National Park Sierra of the Quijadas


National Park Sierra of the Quijadas


It has a surface of 150.000 hectares and it was protected natural area of San Luis' county and, from 1991, National Park, although their implementation delayed four years. It represents two ecological regions: that of the Chaco and that of Mount. The park preserves two species of restricted distribution, well-known as the pichiciego, a small armadillo, and the girl, a bush áfilo without leaves. Also, four species exist in extinction danger: the terrestrial turtle, the boa of the vizcacheras, the yellow cardinal and a predator, the crowned eagle. You will find the endemic plant that only lives in this place of the planet, denominated Gomphrena colocasana.

This ecosystem is fragile; nevertheless, until recently hunters depredadores of gumps acted, condors, pecaríes and matacos (quirquincho ball) and they were talados quebrachos and locusts.

In the entrance, assist to the indications of the guardaparque and advance for a consolidated road of 6 km , among cerrilladas ochers, until the natural miradors, in an environment upholstered with vegetation of wide greenish tonality.

Take cautions with the children. It will surprise him the impressive fissure of the Herdsman of the Watery one, with 8 km of north to south and 6 km of this to west. It is worthwhile a visit, although it is better to opt for one of the trips that are organized (of 4 at 8 hours of duration) lowering in walk. The majestic valley is a deep surrounded throat of murallones from 150 to 300 meters high that liken to the canyon of the Colorado . It will be able to complete the diverse geoformas of the layers to deposit them, cut by the erosive forces.

Here, 300 years ago, they inhabited the laborious huarpes and makes 100 million years pterosaurios they existed (flying reptiles) and, in certain places, they are footfalls of dinosaurs, of ago 120 million years.

For everything it, to visit this sanctuary of the nature is a true privilege.

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