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A walk for Caleta Olivia


A step forced for all tourist that visits Caleta Olivia is, without place to doubts, the view of The Gorosito; an enigmatic symbol of the place that homenajea to the oil tankers and the petroleum


In the crossing of Avenue San Martin (RN3), Güemes and Independence is observed The Gorosito, gigantic sculpture to the oil worker., it was lifted in

1958 and the work was taken charge to the sculptor Pablo Daniel Sánchez.

This monument, silent witness of the strong relationship between the petroleum and the residents, you will find it in the center of this peaceful city. You will observe the great behavior of the work that is erected in their yellowish tone, with the visual one toward the horizon, as if you tried to indicate the road toward the prosperity, for all the inhabitants of Caleta Olivia.

The villagers will indicate you that this oil worker's posture, is due to that with its look toward the north of the Republic Argentina, represents the delivery that the whole Patagonia makes to the rest of the country with its mining wealth.

The city that you will be visiting, is almost the entrance door at Santa Cruz 's county, and the second in possessing a considerable commercial and oil movement from 1944, when a next well to the region showed a rich oil napa.

You can make a high one in the road, going for street Independence it to see the coastal one.

There this the municipal spa and camping site. In the area one can fish bass and pejerrey being of September until April the best time

In the coast one can one to dedicate to the gathering of mussels, cholgas and octopi.

Once you lodge in the sector, we recommend you that you know the coast of the Gulf San Jorge that possesses prominent cliffs and spectacular beaches of fine sand.

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