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From El Calfate to Río Turbioand Torres of the Páine in Chile


From El Calafate it can begin a descending trip toward the carboniferous basin of Cloudy River , with possible step to Chile to visit the wonderful Torres of the PAlne and Native Port , in the Pacifico. To continue for RN40 to return to Galician River for another road.

They are 253 km from El Calafateto Río Turbiofor RN40, with 91 paved km and 162 km of rubble. To 207 km , in Court Career, there is border step that allows to consent in other 106 kms to the National Park Torres of the PAlne ( Chile ), with hotels and fuel in El Calafate and Cloudy River . Eat in these two places and in stays in the itinerary.


Leaving from El Calafate(km 0) for RP11, paved, toward the east heading for Esperanza and Galician River , in km 91 arrive to The Hill.

In The Hill to take toward the west the RN40, ripiada, more short and now passable road. It crosses the guardaganado where a rubble begins and you circulates amid fields invaded by bushes of behavior superior to the current, for among which many gumps and ñandúes run. Although both are very elusive, they can cross in front of the vehicle. Care.

In km 112 the river Peleque is crossed and at once the Police Posse Flat Tomás, where it can be informed on the state of the road. Starting from the km 130, the forms of the relief grow as you advances toward the west. Leave the Black hill of 745 m .

In km 161 will arrive to the union with RP7 that runs from this to west from Esperanza toward the frontier. The RN40, already like road mAln ripiado, continues to the Southwest toward Cloudy River , to 91 km .

Km 176, Fuentes of the Coyle with postal courier, bar, hotel in passing and gomería in emergencies.

Very near there the stay RupAl Pacha that offers tourist services and crafts.

From Coyle until the frontier was in the past a single great stay that gathered 173.000 there is, bought between .1906 and 1907 by the Operating Co. of Tierra del Fuego (CETF) that, with headquarters in Valparaíso (Chile) and directed by Mauricio Braun, era the Chilean arm of the group economic owner of the colossal company patagónica:. «The Anonymous one».

The CETF gathered, to the other side of the frontier, 330.000 have that they were administered on the whole and whose production went toward the slaughterhouse and refrigerator in Native Port ( Chile ). This company administered more than 3.000.000 there is.

To 31 km later on is, in km 207, the Step of Opposite Court Career, with position of National Gendarmería.

This step allows to consent to the National Park Torres of the Paine (Chile) without making the circuit Turbio/Puerto Natales that can be made in turn trip Laugh; the International Step to Río Turbio. Something later on, the stay Court Career is to right of the road. before CETF. It possesses constructions of fine rural architecture, beside the river Guillermo; lunches are served.

The landscape from here it becomes more pleasant, with hills and groves that accompany the approach to the mining village, crossing the Río Turbio before and going by area of shot of the Argentinean Army, near to a picturesque valley and areas of crumblings.

Continuing forward you arrives in km 244 to the connection in village Julia Dufour and in 9 more km one enters to Río Turbio the city of the coal. .

To Travel to Native Port ( Chile ), in the Pacifico, they are 30 km from Cloudy River . To arrive there, take Av. of the Miners in address to the Regional Hospital .

After passing it, about 4 kms continue toward the frontier to leave left by hand the mine entrance or entrance to the Mine 1, the oldest and in disuse.

It fences, on the right in area boscosa you arrives to the Hostel Municipal, simple and comfortable housing of 35 squares, near to the hint of ski of Valdelén.

The best time of snow is from June to September. Almost in front of the hostel, route for half, is position of National Gendarmería for migratory control and customs officer in frontier Crossing.

Step Mines 1, after the step to Chile is International Police, Customs officers and Service Agricultural Cattleman.

The routine steps should be executed to continue the trip of 25 km until Native Port (Chile), city on the Pacific that, as Tip Arenas, benefitted with important investments in the time of gold of the cattle rAlsing ovina; it shows of they are it some constructions like the Municipality and other residences.

This port offers as gastronomic specialty the fruits of the sea. Fish and shellfish can eat up in specialized places. Some are located in the area of fishermen and they have the flavor of the very typical and family thing.

Native port is head of the tourism toward the snowdrifts Balmaceda and Serrano and toward the National Park Torres of the Paine. considered the but beautiful of Chile .

The two centers of services are the village of Three Lakes and Governor's town Gregores, located in the fair center of Santa Cruz 's province.

This Sector possesses beautiful lacustrine landscapes little frequented by visitors, and not included in organized trips. However, with some simple cautions referred to the vehicle, the provisions and the lodging, it can be traveled and explored. A prize for the spirits that look for serenity in the nature, beyond the traditional circuits.

When trafficking some tracts camineros here, one has the sensation of being the only alive creature in many kilometers to the round one: the vegetable life decreases to the minimum thing - a thin layer of very dry grasses -, the water is the great one absent and they are not animal of any type. But, when getting off, one discovers an entire alive world adapted to that hard and difficult means. The great expert of the Patagonia , the expert and browser Francisco Moreno said: «I cannot describe it that sit down when, amid the desert. encounter these beauties». It referred to the natural small oasis, to the almost secret corners that the plateau hidden santacruceña to who cross it hurried, but that they offer bonus to those that want to understand their codes of wind, diabolical powder and solitude.

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