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To the area of the lake Roca


A fascinating walk to dedicate him two or three days, in advance to fish, to walk and to ride.

They are 108 km going and turn from El Calafate for RP15, ripiada. Fuel in El Calafate. Eat quick and some provisions to the interior of the camping site of lake Roca . Also, lodging option, food and cavalcade in several stays of the itinerary.


From El Calafate (km 0) to take the Avenue Liberator and to veer for street Automobile Argentinean Club, ascending the hill. At once spends in front of LU23 I Radiate Argentinean Lake, a typical frontier radio station. In the km 3, to the left this the stay Huilliches where offers lodging, lunch, cavalcades and camping site. A little later on it is sighted to the right the hill Castle, recognizable for their silhouette.

In km 13, to the left, position of the stay Anita and, on the right, later view of the hill Commission or of the Elephants. To the front, in address of the route, the hill Moreno , with their summit like shark fin. In the banquinas there is great quantity of thistles.

In km 28 spend in front of the stay Anita 60.000 there is, with their taken care facilities and colored fences of white and green. To the bottom of the houses, the cord Ravines of the Stay has on its hillsides places where nidifican condors that sobrevuelan the summits.

In km 32 entrance portal appears to the Hostel High Stay Seen, wide reconditioned stay helmet, of delicate decoration and magnificent furniture. It has all the services and comforts of a hotel of category, with 6 double rooms and a spectacular suite that it is maybe that of higher rate of the country.

To stop the vehicle when going by the Posse of Gendarmería Group End Kubyzin. In bifurcation takes to the left toward lake Roca .

The brunch of the right takes the RP 11 that it unites El Calafate with the Mirador of the Glacier Expert Moreno and that you cannot traffic when the Rich arm is grown by blockade of the glacier.

After crossing of the Bad Spurt you leave the current location of the stay of the same name that before was located some hundred of meters behind (you still leave the grove), but that should move soon after the first great grown of the Rich arm. At once the cover of the National Park appears and it is entered in area boscosa that arrives until the coast of the Lake Roca , near which the complex recreacional camping site Lake Roca works .


Complex Recreacional Camping site Lake Roca


Wide lots to camp, restaurant, cafeteria, proveeduría, sanitariums with hot water and trailers/camarotes to house. It counts, also, with rent of teams of sport fishing, horses, infantile games and of living room and radioteléfono.

From here they leave short walks for the lake, where will see quantity of coastal, or longer birds, toward the Cord of the Glasses where the panoramic of the area is magnificent. Ideal for fond of the fishing, the cavalcades and the life outdoors.

Three more km to the south for the RP 15 are entered to the fields of the stay Nibepo Aike, beautiful cattle establishment whose helmet is reserved for tourist use. offers from lunches until lodging, besides cavalcades and trips.

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