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History of Pico Truncado
Cerro de Pico Truncado
Estación de  ferrocarril de Pico Truncado
Tanque de Agua de Pico Truncado
Vista aerea de Pico Truncado
The city of Pico Truncado, also known as the Capital of the Gas and Southern National Capital of the Folklore, it is located in the Deseado Department, to the north of Santa Cruz's province, to 60 km of of the Ocean Atlantic and to 200 meters on the level of the sea.

This town is the third city in importance of province of Santa Cruz. It is located on the steppe of the Patagonia, area of great aridity for the western winds, and to 200 meters on the level of the sea.

It was founded when settled the railroad of Wanted Port to The Heras, like one of the most important stations, in the year 1910. And officially it was constituido in town for ordinance of the National Executive Power the 11 of Julio 1921.

Until the time of the discovery of the petroleum in the area of Dry Cañadón, it was a very small town, with not more than five hundred inhabitants that lived off the cattle area, and of the trade through the railroad.

Today Pico Truncado is an important oil city, with own life, and it contributes wealth of its bowels, as the gas that is sent through the Gasoducto from the South to Buenos Aires.

It has 16.000 inhabitants, it is located to 2000 kilometers of the Federal Capital (Buenos Aires), and at 850 of the capital of Santa Cruz, Río Gallegos.

Toward the North it is to 55 kilometers of Caleta Olivia that is the second city in importance of Santa Cruz's county, and for the National Route Nº 3 are to 130 kilometers of the city chubutense of Comodoro Rivadavia.

Toward the South, for consolidated road, you arrives to the area of the mountains and Gobernador Moyano, being able to arrive until Gobernador Gregores in the center of the province, distant 350 kilometers.

Toward the East you arrives to Puerto Deseado and toward the West toward Las Heras, Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos, already next to the limit with Chile.
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