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Puerto Deseado - Santa Cruz
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Iconos de Referencia
City tour in Puerto Desado
This walk allows to know the city of Puerto Deseado, in the itinerary found historical and natural places
Ecotourism in Ría Deseado
In this walk one can see the Wanted Reservation Natural Creek in crafts adapted to reduced groups, facilitating incredible avistajes of marine fauna, as Toninas Ovaries (dolphins) and Marine Wolves of...
To Grotto of Lourdes and Cañadón of the Port
It visits to incredible natural and clear grotto Cañadón of the Port, with marine birds. They are 48 km. going and turn: 24 of asphalt; good rubble until Grotto of Lourdes , Toward Cañadón of the Port...
Nautical walks from Ría Desado
From Puerto Deseado one could carries out a beautiful sailing for the creek or high sea, in options offered by agencies of trips.
Reserves Natural Bay Laura
They are 155 Km .. of rubble toward the south, for provincial routes, in the reservation you will be able to appreciate varied marine avifauna as the duck vapor, penguins, cormoranes, plovers, etc.
Jaramillo Petrified Forest
Declared natural monument, this is the most important fossil bed in the country, witness of the flora that used to grow on these lands some 350 million years ago.
RN43, Puerto Deseado to Pico Truncado
Travel traverse from the Atlantic , crossing for the plains of the Wanted river, in the trips will do oil wells and fields with sheep , until arriving to Pico Truncado.
The Reserva Natural Ria Deseado
Deseado Estuary is the only river in south America that ceased to send its waters into the ocean and enabled its invasion of the old course into the continent along 42 km
Fishing sharks in Puerto Deseado
Puerto Deseado is an important port and an attractiveness commercial center. The sport fishing of sharks in Bay Uruguay and Creek Czar. In summer, Contest Patagónico of Fishing of the Shark, for the c...
Carrying out is kayak in Ría Deseado
During navigation in Ría Deseado Natural Reserve you can watch dolphins and disembark in the colony of Magellan Penguins in Isla de los Pájaros.
Mon. Nac. Petrified forests
This located in the northeast of the county of Santa Cruz,en the Deseado departamento . This to 180 kde the city of Puerto Deseado
Reserves Natural intangible Cabo Blanco
This reservation has a surface of 737 hectares and it denominates it to him with this category, as protection measure and conservation of its fauna, being the same post area and reproduction of the co...
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