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RP5, for the steppe in route to El Calafate
Estancia Güer Aike

Estancia María Ekusa -Franka

Ruta entre Río Gallegos y El Calafate

El Calafate

El Calafate
The most direct paved route between Rio Gallegos and El Calafate, crossing for the desértica and fry plateau santacruceña.

They are 315 km .of monotonous landscape on pavement to inn Esperanza, it climbs almost forced where to load fuel and to eat to El Calafate


From Rio Gallego to leave for RN3 toward the west until Güer Aike, police position in km 28. To take RP5 there after crossing the old iron bridge (of the year 1912). On the hill Güer Aike is the image from the Immaculate Concepción to which one goes on pilgrimage in December.

The stay Güer Aike offers fishing trips and lodging with previous reservation. It fences it also works the Club of Fishing Pescazaike.

Starting from there the plateau seems endless and it is only interrupted when going by stay The Horquetas (Km. 77), where stream trouts are fished in waters of the south arm of the river Coyle, with camping site, hotel and restaurant. Another interruption of the solitude when happening, in km 87, for the village Governor Mayer. The area is of plains with hard grasses, occupied by extensive stays with remote houses of the road.

The horizon is plane in any address. In km 156 you arrives at the Inn Esperanza

Inn Esperanza

Where it is imposed to revise the vehicles. In this place (according to some the coldest place in the Patagonia ) it worked behind until their fire years a field" "bowling, where the villagers met to drink, to pass the time or 'to spend the night, like scale in a trip to horse.

It was reconstructed as bar and modern restaurant. Since it is almost half of road, suits to eat or to drink something.

Next to the restaurant there are Civil Registration, Police, Center of Health and station of service. In Esperanza the RP7 is born, advisable to arrive at Cloudy River for the north.

The RP5 continues toward the northwest. In Km. 227, the Hill, where the RN40, ripiada comes from the left. To advance for the pavement that now calls you RN40.

In km 276 go by Lagoon The Frosted ones, reserves faunística that studies the Foundation Life Silvestre to be habitat of flamingos, swans, chorlos and the very protected macá tobiano, exclusive of the region. Also in this area, in November the "bush gump" flourishes of red purple..

Six km later on, in the well-known place as Slope of Miguens, one has a beautiful panoramic vision and first view of the Argentinean lake. Until here the route came in ascent, arriving to almost 1.000 m .s.n.m. and it progresses now on lomadas. In km 228, it leaves to the right the RP9 that - skirting the river Santa Cruz - it takes to the coast of the Atlantic uniting to the RN3 near Major Luis Good Stone. Good alternative to return of El Calafate toward the north without going back until RioGallegos.

Then appear the farms María Elisa-Franka (to see in El Calafate) that offers tourist services in the area. In km 294 the old Hotel Laughs it Bounces, with gomería and bar and the stay River Bounces (to see in El Calafate) that offers camping site services, natural pool in the river and visits to archaeological locations.

In km 303, cross: to right the RN40 continues to the north, ripiada that leads to the lake Viedma . Continuing right for the pavement (now RP11), you arrives in km 315 to El Calafate.

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