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City tour in Río Gallegos Río Gallegos
Capilla de Río Gallegos

Estación de Río Gallegos

Monumentos a caidos de Malvinas en Río Gallegos

Museo de los Pioneros en Río Gallegos

This walk allows us to know historical places as Balcony of Rock, and some interesting museums


To begin it on foot with a journey for the Coastal Avenue , where the creek is appreciated, for which the Río Gallegos drains in the ocean Atlantic . In the opposed riverbank the staggered plateau is sighted that it ascends toward the west.

To the east you leave the end Good Time, to the north of the outlet in the sea. The coastal walk parquizado is and on you remain silent Ramón it Lists and Orkeke is come modern housings, in what is the main residential area. It is interesting to observe the coastal birds: cormoranes, seabird and gulls that fly about in the riverbanks, mainly with drop gets dizzy.

In Piedrabuena 50 the Balcony of Rock are (MHN) the first Argentinean president that visited Río Gallegos, Julio A. Roca, spoke from here to the population, to the turn of the famous "hug of the Strait" of 1899 in Tip Arenas.

It was an encounter among 61y the Chilean president, Federico Errázuriz Echáurren. The president Rock took advantage of that opportunity to invite the farmers and managers resided in the strait to invest in the Argentina .

To continue the visit in streets The Gray-headed one and Alberdi, to know the Museum of the Pioneers.

Then, in Av. Roca and Perito Moreno, will be able to visit the Regional Museum Manuel Molina, with geology samples, paleontology, prehistory, colonial and pioneer time, flora and fauna. It has library and a pretty exhibition of old firearms.

In Av. Roca 658, the Center of Artisans ; there will be able to acquire authentic crafts (especially loom pieces) carried out by artisans of the place.

This center regenteado for the State grants an origin certificate and authenticity to each article, and that obtained is dedicated to the protection and diffusion in support of the handmade activity.

Finally, we recommend a visit to the Church Cathedral (MHN)

Church Cathedral

The church was finished building in 1900 as headquarters of the congregation salesiana. Carried out according to design of the salesiano Juan Bernabé, it is typical exponent of the construction in wood and it plates. Of style Roman eclectic and of plant in Latin cross, National Historical Monument was declared in 1985.

The train station

This spread of railroad it conforms the most southern train in the world of narrow trail, the brunch it was inaugurated May 25 1951 to serve to the carboniferous mines of Río Turbio and it still has combustion machines to coal.

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