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General information of Santiago del Estero
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The province of Santiago del Estero is included in the north portion of the great plain chaco-pampeana that runs from north to south, in the center of the country. This north sector of the plain Chaco-Pampeana calls herself Region Chaqueña.

Santiago del Estero is divided administrative - he mentions in 27 departments Lima to the north with the provinces of Salta and Chaco, to the east, with Santa Fé and Chaco, to the south, with the province of Córdoba; and to the west, with Tucumán and Catamarca. Their location corresponds to the coordinates geographical 25º 35´ and 30º 41´20" of south latitude and 61 º 34' and 65º 34´, of longitude west.

The province in numbers

The surface of Santiago del Estero ascends to 136.351 km2. It is the tenth province Argentina in extension. In 1991, the population belonged to 678.874 inhabitants: 339.740 males and 339.134 women.

The capital province it is the city of Santiago del Estero.

They continue in importance La Banda, Friás and Thermal baths of Río Hondo.

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