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Columbus 's thermal baths




















During the whole year Columbus 's city, has a very good alternative for the rest and the search of a better quality of life.


In a property four hectares of abundant nature and pure air, they emerge from 1500 meters deep, generous thermal waters of between 33º and 40ºC.

In the north of the city, in front of the Golf Club, beside the river Uruguay , Thermal baths Columbus , in Entre Ríos, is the ideal place, couple to achieve a complete relax in vacations or in weekends.

The complex has 4 covered pools, two of them of 1,60 m and another of 60 cm . This sector possesses wardrobes and sanitariums.

The facilities outdoors of Thermal baths Columbus, they offer 6 pools of 1,20 m . of depth, two piletas of 1,60 m . and 2 pools for boys of 0,60 and 0,40 m . The place also has jets to pressure and skillful.

In Thermal baths Columbus , of Entre Ríos, they also stand out the quantity and quality of services that it offers, among them: massages, fangoterapia, beauty of feet and hands, rent of robes, bathroom suits. For the comfort of Columbus 's tourist Thermal baths offers parasols, tables and reposeras. Also, it is installed in the property a dining room of quick foods and minutes.


Treatments for the Relax


In Thermal baths Columbus , the visitor will be able to achieve a sensation of deep relax with different massages. It will have the possibility to improve their body, mind and spirit, this way being able to enjoy one or several days without contracturas, without nerves and with the yearning to return to this wonderful place.

The massage applied in Thermal baths Columbus , provides excellent results in: cure of headaches, nuisances, insomnia, tension and estres.

Manual massages of Swedish origin: they consist on applications of creams, gels and oils of first quality. Also, the professionals of the complex offer masofilaxia sessions, massages applied with aesthetic ends.


Other Massages


  • Circulatory and aesthetic: active the sanguine and lymphatic circulation. -
  • Stimulant: It helps to the invigoration of the vascular net. Active the nutrition and reproduction of the cells to achieve a more flexible and more elastic skin, help to eliminate the excess of dead cells accumulated on the surface of the horny layer.
  • Rejuvenecedor: this massage preserves and it can return the perfect mobility to the articulations and the muscles. Elastiza and flexibiliza tendons and ligaments and it strengthens the musculature allowing to maintain a perfect physical state, the true youth's symptom.
  • Sedative: it acts on the nervous terminations helping to relax you and to be liberated of tensions to prevent muscular contracturas.


Properties of the waters


It is verified from the physical aspect - chemical the presence of sodium, chloride, potassium, phosphate whose characteristics can meet in: "MESOTERMALES SODIUM" BICARBONATADAS.




These thermal bathrooms are highly positive for the nervous and psychic exhaustion (stress). The skin is highly strengthened and rejuvenated giving him softness and elasticity. It contributes to maintain the muscular tone and they alleviate the muscular pains. These thermal bathrooms offer the option of to relax you and to be rejuvenated, giving him the predominant element (sodium) a moisturizing power and regulator of the processes of cellular permeability.