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The thermal baths of Federation










The nature has offered to Federation a half excellent one for the relax and the rest. Starting from 1994, from 1260 meters deep, a generous drinkable and crystalline thermal liquid emerges that comes of one of the most important reservations of fresh water in the world: the Guarani Aquifer.


Built in a property of 2,5 hectares , Thermal baths Federation, it possesses a complete range of services so that the visitor's demurrage is of the most comfortable thing: sanitariums, wardrobes, skillful, rent of robes, reposeras, bathroom suits, and an extensive space properly ornamented with a privileged view toward the lake of Salto Grande.

The thermal baths of Federation, it has 12 pools that occupy 1.300 square meters . The covered pool that possesses hidrojet, has 5x10 mts. and 0.70 cm of depth and a temperature that it reaches the 41 ºC . This part that is for the passive sector, is supplemented with two pools 6x13 meters and two of 9x18 mts, with a depth that oscillates between the 0.70 cm and 1.30 mts.

The complex also offers a recreational pileta that measures 11x12 meters and it is the sufficiently deep thing as to swim with comfort and to be nailed. In this sector it has also been mounted an exclusive patio of skillful and a booth for the guardavidas. Also, in the covered part, Thermal baths Federation have incorporated a comfortable pileta with a mirror of water 12x25 meters, temperature of 41º C, and a depth that goes from the 0.90 to the 1.50 meters . This place has a patio of skillful of 12 jets, curtains of water, solarium and sanitariums.The roof is transparent policarbonatado and of glass and the lateral cerramientos they are made of white aluminum.

The children also count in the sector covered with an exclusive pool. The same one has a diameter 5,50 meters , a depth 50 centimeters and a game of water in the center. To avoid accidents, the border and the floor of this pileta they have nonskid tiles and atérmicas. The children can also enjoy other sectors dedicated for them: a pools in the passive sector, a space in the recreational pools and another in the pool that incorporated recently to the park.

For those who want degustar a good one roasted or barbecue Thermal baths Federation has installed, far from the balneación sector, grills, tables and banks distributed in a sector of natural shade and of quinchos.


Properties of the waters


The chemical composition of the certain water according to regulations of the O.M.S. (World Organization of the Health) it is: Clorurada - Bicarbonatada - Sodium. Sweet drinkable and capable for the human consumption.

The water of its thermal baths comes from 1260 mts. of depth, with a constant flow and a temperature that it oscillates between the 42 and the 43 centigrade grades.



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