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The Thermal baths of Presidencia Roque Saenz Peña


The thermal waters owe their origin to a chance. The perforation in search of drinkable water finished with him discovery from a well of thermal waters to 800 meters deep. In 1981 it began to work the Thermal Complex taking advantage of the excellent properties of the water.


This architectural group of modern conception you began in 1980 and it is the most representative in the city. It consists of a luxurious hotel of five stars and a complete thermal center that offers great variety of bathrooms and medical clinics. The hotel is headquarters of social, cultural and tourist events.

These thermal waters have the reputation of being the best in the country. Years behind, during a period of regional drought, the municipality requested the national government the perforation and search of drinkable water for the population's consumption. They were discovered this way these waters that arise from .800 m from depth to a temperature that oscillates between the 35°C and the 42°C.


Properties of the waters

Their chemical composition is clorosulfatada, rich in ions of sodium and potassium and, in smaller grade, in calcium and magnesium. It possesses a third more than salt that the seawater, is ferroginosa, bicarbonatada, slightly alkaline, with good dosage of fluorine and of mineralización hipermarina and hipertónica. Given their chemical composition and their termalidad, consider it to him of excellent action therapeutic balucoterápica and one of the most important of the country, according to the investigators of the Society Argentina of Thermal Studies.

Among their therapeutic actions, it highlights that of sedar the muscular pain, to articulate and of the nervous system. Also, it reactivates the circulation and it mobilizes the deposits of uric acid and uratos located in the articulations of sick rheumatic chronic and of sick of drop. It increases the tonicidad and muscular force, acting on muscles atrophied by rheumatic arthritis. It exercises a healing action on non infectious processes of the skin like humid or dry eczemas, psoriasis, prurituses and prurigos, and a solvent action and preliminary round of the deposits of fat in obese, besides acting as stimulant of the biological processes.

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