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The Thermal baths of Concordia














In the denominated place The Espinillar, 10 km to the north of the city, it is the complex Thermal baths Concordia, for two bridges located on the parking it is entered to this picturesque property of marked differences, grown green by a leafy grove of very old pines and eucalyptuses.


The Complex Thermal baths Concordia were inaugurated April of the year 3 1998.

The thermal water arises of a perforation of 1200 mts. of depth, obtaining a flow of water 400.000 lts. hour, and a temperature of 48º in well mouth, for that that the same ones hipertermals is classified

Inside this purely natural mark that reaches the 25 hectares , great part of the modern Complex Thermal baths Concordia has been built. It is willing for the reception of visitors during the whole year, with warm or colder waters according to the piletas.

Thermal baths Concordia have three pools: one with form to circulate and with hidromasajes where the temperature reaches the 43º, capable for bigger; another with temperatures of 38º and 39º and a pool for children with temperatures of 36º and 37.El dilutes surgente it gathers all the ideal conditions for their therapeutic application.

Other say that it has skillful, wide wardrobes, sanitariums and a modern Spa that it offers exclusive attentions of massages, sauna, treatments for the beauty, the health and a circuit hídrico with different types of bathrooms and skillful.

Properties of the waters of Thermal baths Concordia


  • Bicarbonatada - Sodium - Weakly Alkaline
  • Radio-active - Radónicas (what confers him therapeutic effects)
  • Of low Mineralización(con prevalence of Bicarbonate and Sodium)
  • Hipertermales (Acratotermales)
  • High cellular content of microalgas.
  • Recontruyentes of the Physical exhaustion.

Great analgesic, anti-inflammatory Action and muscular relajante, siendomuy used in affections chronic osteomiarticulares, in processes of recovery of surgical intervensiones and of lesions traumatológicas and neurological.

The use in cosmetológia and dermocosmetológia, for the abundant microalgas presence.
Sedative of the nervous system, for what are used in stress squares.
For their Physical characteristics - Chemical, they are neutralizantes of the gastric acidity, for what could be indicated in dyspepsia squares and some gastritis.
Ideals for treatments of Artrosis and Rheumatism (never in sharp periods).
Indicated in breathing squares as asthma or bronchitis, (never in sharp periods) .
Applicable to treatments of some skin illnesses.
It has Diuretic Effects and they increase the elimination of the uric acid.
They are contraindicated in all sharp process of illnesses and in process chronic descompensados

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