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The thermal baths of Villa Elisa














The Complex thermal baths Villa Elisa is located to some scarce 4 kms. of the city on the National Route N ° 130 whose waters reach a temperature of 41°.


The thermal waters of thermal baths Villa Elisa has been one of the best options when choosing esparcimiento tourism, rest and relax. For their wide therapeutic action they are attractive for public's class.

The Complex thermal baths Villa Elisa that was enabled November of 1999, 27 and the current facilities represent 25% of the project. For those who want to combine natural treatments of health for all the ages, tan natu-ral, recreation and relax, we recommend him this place.

In a property of autochthonous nature, with an extension 41 more hectares an artificial lake 4 hectares , they are 6 piletas (3 for adults and 2 for children and one for therapeutic use) of different depths, that of the adults bill with hidromasaje and interior banks in the perisferic area and power station can remain sat down, two are of passive character and one is recreational. One of those of passive character this cover.

The complex thermal baths Villa Elisa has lodging inside the compound property for a hotel, a sector for campings and a great quantity of bungalows and cabins. It has prepared the necessary technology to supply the pools of temperate waters for the summery time, being able to the visitor to opt for different temperatures of water. The main form of administration of these thermal waters is through bathrooms, skillful, inhalation, etc.

Also inside the property thermal baths Villa Elisa will be able to enjoy restaurant, sweet shops and cafeterias, as likewise proveeduría service and kiosk.

Thermal baths Villa Elisa adds him the possibility to carry out recreational activities as aquaerobic and walks according to the programming of the Service of Recreation of Thermal baths Villa Elisa. Also place to practice volley, soccer, disk and a driving range.

All these activities are coordinated by the Service of Recreation in a gratuitous way. Also bill with paths that travel the property for walks and cycling.


Properties of the waters


The thermal water arose March 9 from 1997 to a depth 1.036 meters . The chemical composition of the water gives him a differential characteristic for its excellent therapeutic properties, of type sodium clorurada-sulfatada, of strong mineralización and high content in salts, to what sinks a temperature to mouth of well of 41º C.

Mechanisms of therapeutic action:

  • Stimulant of cellular functions, cellular trofismo, secretory activity of the metabolism.
  • Increase of power of defense of the skin and mucous.
  • Work antiflogísticas and antiseptic.
  • Organic stimulation: respiratory system, digestive and genital feminine.
  • Stimulation of the vegetative nervous system.
  • Activation of the defenses of the organism.

Those that can be used therapeutically in:

  • Recovery of surgical interventions of the apparatus locomotive, traumatic lesions, chronic rheumatic affections.
  • Recovery of chronic processes of breathing roads and feminine genital apparatus.
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