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Trekking in the Cajón del Azul
Cajón Azul en El Bolsón

Cajón Azul en El Bolsón

Cajón Azul en El Bolsón
Who go to El Bolsón they usually mention 3 or 4 unforgettable points of their trip: the homemade beer, the fair hippie, the peace of the town, the protection of the hill Piltriquitrón. But there is a place that highlight on all the other ones who carried out the trip: the drawer of the Blue river. "It impacts", they said.

To arrive: anything of files neither motos. As it is standby area it is forbidden to enter with them. It is the walk or trekking, like wants it to him to call. The local agencies organize trips from this type to the drawer. The other option is to rent a horse with a guide that it accompanies during the journey.

The walk is long: 3 at 4 hours, according to the rhythm that is taken, and there are enough ascents. But the recompense when arriving, is worthwhile. During the walk, crosses a stream (an arm of the Blue river) for a hanging bridge; some stairways made in wood for the tracts but difficult they will facilitate him the road. Then crosses a dream valley and later you arrives to another valley where the famous drawer of the Blue is located. The drawer is a cañadón 1 meter wide for 40 of depth. If one leans out, can see there below run the Blue river, and to know the clearly why of the name of the river.

In the riverbank west you can contemplate the native forest that, thanks to their inaccessibility, stays as the pioneers they discovered it.

The trip you can carry out in the day. But if it tempts it for more than some hours the peace of the place, Atilio gives refuge in its cabin: a construction made handmadely in wood. There there is place for 15 people, and the payment of the demurrage is minimum. In the refuge you can get handmade beer, homemade bread and foods. Another alternative is to sleep in the barn, that yes, it is recommended to take bag of sleeping.

Of there it can become, or to start up for other refuges of the area, as the Blue Ice that calls this way himself because near the refuge there is a glacier. It is a more complicated walk, with a lot of ascent that requires a great effort, but the senses are also rewarded when arriving.

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