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Hiking to the journey of the Indian

We will leave from the Franciscan convent" Fifth of the Boy God'; that were donated to the congregation at the beginning of the XIX century. Of the vegetable gardens of these facilities they came the allowances for our insipiente Villa.

To few kilometers we will lapse for the road that drives us to" Cabalango; already in 1670 figure in the cartographies of the files of Indians, as much the place as the road (line compound number and it rotates) that communicated with the Jesuit stay in times of the colony" The Candlemas."

Already in Cabalango, we enjoy the fresh waters and red of the river the chorillos in a place of

charms. We continue for an on the way to fantasy and historical legends that it will lead us to the monument" Bamba." This place contains the mystery of a romantic history of love among a black coming from the viceregal slavery with a maiden of the Cordovan aristocracy.

Then we descend until" Old Stay", small place whose meekness captured behind decades to the writer Ernesto Sábato who in 1943 it prolonged its demurrage giving birth to its first book" One and the Universe'

On the way to return we can appreciate the great extension of the valley that with-has to the Lake San Roque.

All these lands were occupied by Indian towns Comechingones that developed their life in moments of the conquest agriculture-alfarera. These fertile lands and irrigated by three rivers and numerous slopes, they received the name of" Quizquisacate":

The step of the history there for the 1.600 brought the division of lands; then the formation of the Stay" Santa Leocadia; - passing at the hands of the family Paz, the construction of the Lake san Roque happens. In the successive thing, the first loteos gives form to Villa Carlos Paz.

Of return, we travel the coast from the face lake to the center of our Villa.

The walk step to step

We leave the property and we turn to the left for the avenue of double hand.
Km 2,3 Leave the one on the way to asphalt and we rotate left wing.
Km 2,6 Follow the wide road of the right that takes us to Cabalango.
Km 3,5 Take the road toward the left.
Km 5 from this point already have the depth of the landscape that we will enjoy. To the right there is a slope to the do' Ecoterra' that offers varied activities.
In the km. 6,4 should turn to the right meets a camping site with multiple services.
In the km 7,1 enter in the commune of Cabalngo and to the right this the church of San Cayetano . In their property there is several molles, but one, the adult. especially" Sacred."
In the km. 7,6 cross the ford of the river The Spurts and we continue for their coastal one, when arriving to l km 8,7 and after an ascent we turn to the right and the 40 meters we bend again in the same sense going by the front of the communal headquarters, police and clinic.
When arriving to the km 10,7 we arrive to the stream Salinas . To the left there is a tree" Aguaribay" of great behavior, and a" Pruning" - there is a sallow with two nests of mud of birds oven-birds. Crossing this stream to 200 mts., is" The Bergel." space to camp and to carry out esparcimiento tasks.
In the Km 11,2 to the left can visit" Yuyos", it is an organic farm with their productive lumbricario and to few meters meets Cecilia and Damián with their homemade products and continuing to the right meets with precious stones of" German."
In the Km 12,5 non we find with the Cabins slopes of Cabalango where one can fish trouts and there is a pretty field dining room). When concluding an ascent in curve, a road is born to second it and stony toward the right. This it takes us direct to the monument Bamba.
In the Km. 13,4 meet with the monument to" Bamba", great allusive sculpture to a legend happened in times of the Colony.
In the Km. 14, we turn to the left, we continue this road without we leave for a descent of 900 mts. and in the Km. 15 arrive to Old Stay. We cross the ford and we continue for the one in route to the right.
We go up 200 more meters and we go up the toward the left about 500 meters (if we descend we will find with the spa of Stay Viola).
In the km 16,1 after the great ascent, we take the first asphalted street that it turns to the right that we will continue until ending in the route.
In the Km 16,6, once we arrive to the route, we turn to the right, to 30 meters we cross it to the left for an on the way to earth again. We already enter in Villa Carlos Paz, we will begin a descent of 1.600 meters .
In the Km. 19,2 end in an asphalted road and we rotate left wing until the km 19,5, in this point, if we follow right for the one on the way to earth, a short journey begins that will drive us to beach" The Wickers" that stands out for its extensive beaches of sand.
If we turn to the right, following the one on the way to pavement, we follow our journey.
When arriving to the Km. 20 come out again for the one on the way to asphalt .
In the Km. 20,4 arrive at Beach Perelli, visited by the practice of you depose nautical and fishermen.

We continue for the one on the way to asphalt, without leaving it until arriving to the route.
In the Km. 21,2, we arrive to the route. we cross the bridge of the outlet of the river The face Spurts to Carlos Paz

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