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Hiking to " La Islita "


You do not need to be fit to enjoy an amusing hiking in the surroundings of San Martín de los Andes, only 5 kilometers away from the city going along winding tracks , you will arrive to "La Islita"(The Little Isle ).


You just need the will to walk, a canteen - with water, juice or soda- or a good set to have mates since the place you will arrive to is ideal to enjoy a good moment together with mates, cookies, croissants or fruits.

The best time of the day to start this excursion is early in the morning or just after having lunch.

You start at San Martín Square, going down San Martín Avenue towards Lácar Lake. One block before getting to the lake, you must turn right onto Juez del Valle Street, that is to the west , and you cross the wooden bridge over the stream.

Once you have crossed the bridge, you must walk one more block and turn left. There is a gravel track leading to Bandurria Hill. Here, you will start climbing.

The beginning is quite easy but you should not hurry since you have just started your hiking.

After a while , you will get to a place where there is a palisade marking the border of the city with the territory belonging to the Mapuche Community, especifically the "Curruhuincas".

From this spot, you will contemplate the magnificence of Lácar Lake with its deep blue water and The Andes as backcloth. You will see the pier located by the city with many boats that seem to be waving goodbye. You must go on, always climbing the mountain. The slope is not so hard yet.

You will be gently getting into the wood, the vegetation will be more and more abundant and you will be soon surrounded by a perennial foliage of cypresses and pellín oaks.

You will start feeling tired . If you are not used to walking , you must find your own rythm and do not stop. The track forks in different directions but they all take you to the same destination, you must not worry.

Once in Bandurria Hill, you will have to climb a 20 meter- long track . You should take short steps in order not to worn your legs out. Take it easy, every effort gets its reward - at the end of the slope , there is a clearing where you will be able to rest for a while.

You will go on your journey along the well marked track and you will realize you are visiting a fantastic place - you will see birds nesting on the pellín oaks, you will observe mountains with snow at the top - everything immersed in a special atmosphere that will leave you speechless. You will just contemplate. , some minutes later, you will cross another palisade and you will find signals welcoming you to Trompul Area. To the left, there is a viewpoint called Bandurria which you can enjoy in your return journey.

You go on walking along the track that turns into a road. Here, you will be entering Curruhinca Village with very well built houses.

In this area, there are some stands where you can buy delicious " tortas fritas" ( fried tarts ) made by the women of the community , take pictures or even have a chat with native people.

Do not lose hope, you will soon arrive. You must follow the road down which will become narrower , you will jump some thawing little streams or waterfalls and , without noticing you will get to the coast.

The postcard here is unique. You will have arrived to a small sandy beach. Opposite, you will see a bump of soil and rock coming out of the lake - it is " La Islita ! Only 10 meters away from the coast surrounded by the cold waters of Lácar Lake.

If you go on this hiking in Summer, you should take a swimming suit to plunge into the clear water and get to the little isle.

Here, you will not only let your legs rest but also your mind. The place is really beautiful , a paradise. You will be able to enjoy a snack and a drink to get energy for the return journey.
After relaxing and having enjoyed yourself with the excellent view, you will have to start going back before it gets dark.

The return journey is as nice as the going. Do not get excited with the slope down the hill, try to walk carefully and you will soon get to the departing point. Enjoy it !

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