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Trekking and bird-watching of birds in the National Park El Rey

The birdwatching or observation of birds is an ideal activity to carry out in the National Park El Rey for the great diversity of copies that contains.


This reservation has more than 300 species of birds located since in the different habitat of the park by its great extension, keeps an important variety of ecosystems. To this has sunk the insulation of the park more than for 50 years for all activity, what contributes to that the fauna in the area is only in the world.

The only made of passing a while in the park eating or taking something outdoors, implies to see 50 species of birds that come closer to one without fear at least. The avistaje of birds one can make in all the admitted paths of the park. The most suitable places to look are the one on the way to entrance and the Lagoon of The Ducks, where there are aquatic birds as the chumuco, the Moorish heron, the chiflón, the big white heron, the white heron, the heron trims glass, chiricotes, ducks maiceros and red ducks.

In the access area the exotic toucans and many doves are come. Near the Intendency of the park one can see to the bay mandola, a bird of approximately 57 centimeters , of varied colors and curved pick. The chuñas of red paws is also observed that is the bird emblemática of the park; mount pavas , teros, charatas and small birds as chingolos, necklace pepiteros and gray pepiteros, the naranjero, fruit bowls of the yunga and tangarás, among others.

It is recommended the lovers of the watching of birds, not to get lost of seeing to the chuñas of red paws and the real condor that has the superior half of the body and the stomach of white color and the rest of the black body. lives in the forest and can observe it flying over the park.

Also in summer groups of hawks earwig or kite earwigs can be seen that is flying the park and they have a very long line and departure as a" scissor", for what take that name.

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