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Trekking in the snow in Primeros Pinos

To get to Primeros Pinos from Zapala, go 45 km along paved Provincial Route 13.
From Villa Pehuenia, go 90 km along rubble Provincial Route 13 until you reach your destination.


Snow can be enjoyed beyond skiing. At Primeros Pinos, after our lethargy during the nap hours, we awoke with the incredible feeling of going around the area.

At the inn where we were staying, we were told that we could find a fascinating hidden cascade, immersed in deep snow inside a dense monkey puzzle tree forest, some kilometers from there. Even if we did not have snowshoes, we dared to accept the challenge.

We left from the Primeros Pinos inn and traveled about two kilometers along Provincial Road 13 -along a rubble stretch- towards Villa Pehuenia.

Once we reached the area, we left the road towards the left. Our only reference was a bent sign post that indicated a pronounced bend and the intense roar of the cascade that was heard in the distance.

Slowly, but steadily, we started to penetrate the monkey puzzle forest covered in snow. A unique and memorable scenery.

As we went into the forest, the sound of the waterfall became more and more intense. The deep snow was already reaching our knees, which made it difficult for us to go about the place.

Guided by our senses and the spirit of adventure, we started to go down a steep ravine, along which the cascade water would slide.

At a distance, we spotted the almost frozen waterfall. We zigzagged around some monkey puzzle trees and continued with our exhausted pace towards the site. We wished to appreciate the natural phenomenon from a close distance.

The snow was getting thicker and thicker and, therefore, heavier. By then, the hiking stage was coming to an end. Only a few meters would separate us from our destination.

Suddenly, it began to snow heavily. Some giant snow flakes would fall all around us, turning everything even whiter. Humidity, which penetrated our bones, would threaten with not letting us enjoy the end of the ride.

Nothing more distant than reality. Once there, in solitude, connected only with what nature had to offer, we sat on the edge of the pool to enjoy the noisy cascade which would vertiginously commit suicide before our very our eyes.

We watched water stalactites. We walked over fallen monkey puzzle trees that acted as a bridge between both banks of the stream.

Pleased to have dared to carry out this activity, and even if we did not have the proper equipment, we started our way back. But first, we caught that particular moment in a virtual photograph taken by our minds.

When we reached the inn, we were welcomed by Silvia Da Bramo -as attentive as usual- who had just finished baking some home-made cookies. Amidst a cup of hot chocolate and a delicious snack, anecdotes and laugher would perpetuate as we recalled the episodes we had just gone through during our visit to the hidden cascade.

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