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Hiking and Navigating in Ushuaia
Trekking y navegación por Ushuaia
Trekking y navegación por Ushuaia
Trekking y navegación por Ushuaia
Trekking y navegación por Ushuaia
Trekking y navegación por Ushuaia

A voyage that will take you back to the beginnings of the Earth's evolution. The starting point of an experience through the boundaries of civilization, where adventure and beholding are present at every instant .


Reaching the Great Island of Tierra del Fuego has a very special meaning, whether due to symbolic, poetic or superstitious causes. But if we add the possibility of visiting the surroundings of the southernmost city in the planet -Ushuaia- the feeling gets even more emblematic than usual.

Such remote and almost untouched dominion, crowded with millenary forests, surrounding mounts and endless water spaces, gives the visitor an image that seems to have been intact for centuries.

One very interesting option for lovers of hiking and for those who enjoy beholding nature in its purest state is to go along the whimsical contours of this soil during four days, immersed in the legendary Lapataia Bay , in the very heart of Tierra del Fuego National Park .

As these days go by in the boundaries of the world, you can go along unforgettable paths, full of incredible morello cherry trees, cinnamon trees and lengas , where you can observe a wide range of typical southern birds.

Besides, you can reach an easily accessed summit, where you can enjoy the most splendorous panoramic views of the area. The journey ends in a peat bog -typical formation in these latitudes- that the first thaws turn into a swamped and marshy path. A true ecological "feast".

Lastly, a voyage along the fueguino channels that visitors cannot miss will connect them with the deepest corners of nature. This change of perspective, among fiords and medium-height cliffs, is special to see the rich sea bird fauna that dwells in the area.

You can see colonies of seals, Magellanic penguins, cormorants, steamer ducks and petrels, among other species. Likewise, it is possible to make out the city lighthouse, where interesting stories about explorers and adventures of the seal industry in times of the colonization are heard.

In this amusing trip around the tourist attractions of the area, two nights are spent on a tent, in a camping site with first quality services, from where hiking excursions leave, and one night is spent at a hotel in Ushuaia, an ideal stay for shopping and seeing the infrastructure of this exciting city.

It is doing such interesting activities that you manage to understand why the beginning of everything is right in the end of the world.

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