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Provincial Historical museum Nicolás Avellaneda
This built house among 1836/1837 for residence of the Governor José Manuel Silva, grandfather of the President Nicolás Avellaneda, harbors remarkable objects of the science and of the arts. The history here condenses and it allows to appreciate with new eyes the big events of the country.

To the shade of the new century, to block half and with a wise silence of the one that you go the years to happen; is the Museum Historical Provincial President Nicolás Avellaneda.

It was the first construction of two plants of the area, an architecture that little by little ignored of the Baroque to meet with the neoclassicist.

The quebracho is plentiful in its interior: the stairway, the suspenders of the roof and the floors are made of this wood so noble.

It has suffered the house a single modification when the building was divided. In the main patio is the dividing line and there is, also, a reservoir that if some Borges looked at it he would make of him a story, his singular characteristic is that it is accompanied by a mirror (you espeja oneself and the depth of the reservoir), of course that this ornamentation is of current times.

It has the Museum an incredible collection of objects: Numismatics, Objects Museológicos, Pinacoteca, Written Documents, Files of the Library "Lucas Córdoba."

The rooms are very well conserved and they are thematic, in a they are weapons, platería, ironworks and wardrobe, in other: a homage to the Presidents Tucumanos Dr. Nicolás Avellaneda and Tte. Gral. Julio A. Rock.

We can see in another sector of the Museum pieces of The Candlemas's Cultures, Marshes, Santa María and Tafí. Something safety pin is the collection of the 23 cinders (portraits of the Governors) of the sculptress Lola Lives.

"The House of the a hundred doors", known this way by its openings, is an enriching walk in full City of Tucumán .

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