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In the South hemisphere 32º to 38º exists one narrow strip extended between the parallel where the following countries are located: Argentina and Chile ( America ) South Africa (Africa), Australia and Nueva.zelanda (the Australian Continent). In this extension optimal conditions of earth occur, water and climate to produce and to elaborate fine wines with grapes of great quality.

Argentina is located between the first producers of wines at world-wide level, jointly with countries like France , Italy , Spain and the United States .

The Argentine vitivinícola industry has evolved considerably, conquering without a doubt markets of demanding consumers. In addition, the Argentine wines have a added value because they are considered between most healthful of the world.

The detected antirust capacity in Argentine wines is slightly superior on Chilean wines American and, and a little more than in European wines.

Possibly the Argentine, mainly the red ones wines, are those that have greater antirust capacity of the world, by the height where their vineyards are located, the little precipitations that affect the zone and the almost null cloudiness that a fructuosa solar exhibition allows on the cultures. All this generates outstanding climatic conditions that produce a greater amount of "polifenoles" in the grapes.

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