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Valley of the Uco area





To the west of the province, watered by the rivers Tunuyán and Tupungato, they are the homonymous departments and that of San Carlos , with height average 1.000 meters on the level of the sea.

It is the area more developed for the cultivation of vineyards, fundamentally for the technology of the watering for leak that allows the cultivation in sharp areas and mountainous hillsides, without necessity of the levelings that demanded the old watering systems for flood.

The height causes great thermal width among the day and the night that it favors the quality of the broths.

The approximate current production is of some 15.000 there are of vineyards, in 75% grapes inks of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot and Tempranillo. Among the white ones, the Chardonnay is majority.

Cellars like Salentein, Sophenia, Lurton, The Celia, O. Founier and Giaquinta make honor to the prestige of the region.

The area is traditionally also known by its production of fruits like apples, pears or nuts, and for the Historical Manzano of Tunuyán that remembers the geste sanmartiniana.


Valley of the Uco area

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